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About Love It and Label It, LLC

Love It and Label It was founded in 2021, after years of having the idea in the back of my head that I could do what I love for a living: organize! I LOVE being able to help others achieve their goals in their space.

You may be wondering where my business name came from. It really boils down to the simplest parts of maintaining an organized space. 

The first part is keeping only what you love and use in your home.  The second part is labeling your items in the location they belong so you (and your family) know exactly where to put things back. 

Maintaining this organization means continuing to put things where they belong. And the hard part: not buying things you don't need or keeping things that you don't love. You don't need to take something home just because it was free or cheap if it truly doesn't serve you!

My mission is to help you no matter what type of organization you need: simply clearing out clutter that's overwhelming, or elevating your space with beautiful storage solutions and custom labels.


Taking the first steps to organize your spaces can feel daunting. I'd love to help you! Send me a note below.

Let’s Work Together

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