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Favorite Garage Products

On Thursday, May 19, I'll be on Fox59's Indy Now morning show, talking about garage organizing with IndyCar driver, Charlie Kimball. Below is a list of the products I like to use when tackling a garage project.

Track or Slat Wall Systems

Track or slat wall systems are great for garages because they give you versatility. You can install the track or slat, and then it's easy to add, remove, or change out the hooks and other accessories as your storage needs change.

Rubbermaid FastTrack System

This is single rail system that you can attach various hooks and shelves to. You can find these at many major retailers.

Rubbermaid Cooler Hook

This hook that goes with the FastTrack System is very versatile and can be used for lots of things from lawn chairs to small yard tools.

Rubbermaid Multipurpose Hook

This is great for shovels or rakes - it will hold several on one hook.

Gladiator Wall System

This is a slat wall system that can be cut to size, as needed.

Gladiator Hooks and Baskets

Gladiator has a lot of options for different hooks, baskets, and bins.

Storage Shelves

There are lots of choices for shelving! I like using steel as opposed to plastic, as they won't sag over time.

InterMetro 48" shelving

The InterMetro series at the Container Store is super solid and you can customize with various add-ons, like hooks, baskets, and wheels.

Brightroom 36" Shelving

Target's new Brightroom line has a lot of great products, like these shelves. I used these in my own garage. Easy to assemble by yourself and very sturdy.

Storage Bins

It's easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of options for storage containers.

Multi-Purpose Bins

These multi-purpose bins from The Container Store come in several sizes and they are easy to attach an adhesive label to.

Y-Weave Storage Basket

Target's Room Essentials Y-Weave baskets are great in the garage. I love that they are tall and open, making it easy to pull out and see what's inside. The XL size is my favorite for open shelving.

66 Qt Storage Bins

There are many options for this size of storage bin. When choosing one that will store heavy things, make sure that the handles are comfortable! Some of the less expensive ones have lids that don't stay on or hurt your hands when you pick them up when they are full. Generally, the ones with handles that latch are easier to carry and they keep the lid on. Some people prefer clear containers so they can see what's inside and others prefer solid for more of a clean look.


The final (and arguably the most important) step in any organizing project: labeling! Your labels don't have to be fancy, but this step makes sure everything will go back in the right home. You can use anything from painter's tape to custom vinyl Cricut labels.

PVC Clip Bin Labels

For bins with an open handle, these bin clips are great. They are lightweight and give a nice finished look. You can handwrite on them, or print labels with a label maker or even a Cricut if you want to get fancy!

Printable Labels

If you don't have a label maker, you can also use printable labels like these, or just handwrite onto these labels.

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