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Help your children (or yourself!) remember the reason for the holiday season and spread kindness! This Advent Calendar has 24 simple ways for your family to bring cheer to others. 


Sometimes it's hard for kids to remember the joy is in giving and not just receiving gifts. This calendar is a fun way to do that with activities that you can realistically do during this busy time of year.


If you choose the option to customize the text, you can send me up to 24 Acts of Kindness that you'd like printed. Please write them in the order you want them (#1 will be put on December 1). Keep in mind the circles are only 1" in diameter so keep text to a minimum so it will still be readable.


If you choose no customization, these are what will be printed:
Hold the door for someone
Make a thank you sign for delivery drivers
Feed the birds
Give the garbage collectors a treat
Donate to a giving tree
Tell a joke to make someone laugh
Help put away groceries
Draw a picture for someone special
Donate a book
Facetime a special family member
Shovel snow for a neighbor
Leave a treat for the mail carrier
Pick up litter
Tell someone you love them
Take neighbor's trash cans to their garage
Donate a toy
Give some change to the Salvation Army
Help someone do a chore
Hug someone
Help make dinner
Make a list of what you're thankful for
Clean up a mess you didn't make
Let someone in front of you in line
Give someone a compliment


Printed on 100lb 8.5 x 11" Cardstock
Comes with silver scratch-off circles applied.
Circles are easily scratched off with a coin.

Acts of Kindness Scratch-off Advent Calendar

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