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Make your house smell amazing this holiday season with a Holiday Simmer Pot! All natural ingredients that give off a wonderful natural smell as they simmer in a pot of water on your stove or crockpot. Let it simmer all day while you are at home - just add water as needed. These make great stocking stuffers, hostess gifts, and teacher gifts!


*Updated for 2023: larger bag so the contents come out easier | fir sprigs and fragrant needles from Dull's Tree Farm*



Hand sliced and dehydrated oranges

Hand sliced and dehydrated apples

Saigon cinnamon sticks for a deeper and richer scent

Organic whole cloves

Dried cranberries

Fir sprigs and fragrant fir needles from Dull's Tree Farm



Put contents in a small pot. Cover with water. Let simmer on stove on low and add water as needed. Or put in an open crockpot filled with water on low.


Can be reused up to four times. If it still smells good, simmer it again! Pour simmer mix and water into a sealable container and keep in the fridge between uses.


Ingredients are natural and variances will occur.


Not for consumption.

Holiday Simmer Pot

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