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Keep what you love.
Label it.

Simple steps for an organized home.

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Hi, I'm Julia, and I'd love to organize your things!

I'm Julia Goldberg and I love to be organized. Every job that I've held, I've taken on the projects of organizing spaces that no one else wanted to deal with. From organizing and cataloguing the music library for the Cincinnati Symphony, to organizing forgotten spaces at Paige's Music and Christ Lutheran Church, I've always felt that spaces are more functional when they are in order! I've decided to turn that passion into a career now that both of my young boys are in elementary school. I live in Zionsville, IN and service Boone County and the surrounding Indianapolis areas.

I find that if there is a space in my home that is frustrating, it can set the tone for the whole day. Being able to get ready in the morning without a cluttered bathroom, or being able to easily locate your kids' backpacks and school items without a mad dash, or being able to make dinner without fighting with that annoying, overcrowded utensil drawer can help you waste less of your precious time and give you a sense of peace.  I'd love to help you keep what you love, label it, and get your spaces organized!

Organizing Projects

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Love It and Label It was selected by Redfin as a top Indianapolis, IN, professional organizer.

See the Redfin article we were featured in: 21 Apartment Kitchen Organization Tips to Keep Your Small Kitchen Clean | Redfin


"I am SO glad that I hired Julia, against my conscience that said that I ought to be able to figure this out for myself. The weight of dread & indecision is off my shoulders, and I'm happier than ever in my home - looking forward to this winter when cozy days indoors will be pure enjoyment as I'm free to engage in my many hobbies!"


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