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Purchase a Gift Card

What do you get for the person who is hard to shop for? The busy person who doesn't have time to organize their pantry? The parent who is annoyed by the messy playroom? The person who is frustrated at the state of the garage? The person who curses the utensil drawer every time the ladle gets stuck?

A gift card for home organizing!

How much should I put on the gift card?

My current rate is $75/hour and the total cost for a space will vary widely depending on the size and the amount of clutter. Click here for general guidelines on how long different spaces will take.

The hourly rate includes researching organizing materials, developing an organizational plan, the time it takes to purchase materials, the actual organizing, and returning any unused materials.

The hourly rate does NOT include the cost of materials needed to organize (i.e. bins, baskets, labels, etc.)

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