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Clutter Free Easter Basket Fillers

Updated: Mar 5

It is so tempting to grab all the little trinkets in the dollar aisle or the holiday section of the store. Unfortunately most of this stuff is cheaply made and will break quickly or is just a silly toy that will not hold your child's interest for very long. Skip the tchotchkes and fill your child's Easter basket intentionally!

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Art Supplies

Look through your art supplies at home before you buy more! If you see that a lot of your markers and paints are dried out or your kids have outgrown what you have, these are great to put in an Easter basket!

  • Crayons, markers, colored pencils, paints

  • Drawing pads

  • Coloring books

Personal Items

Check what you may be low and add it to your child's basket. My kids are always putting holes in their socks, so grab some fun socks! Rain boots or an umbrella are perfect for this time of year. You can throw in some bath or personal care items that you wouldn't normally buy!

  • Fun socks

  • Cute underwear

  • Rain boots (these or these)

  • Bath items: body wash, lotion, bath color tablets, toothbrush, bubble bath

  • Chapstick or lip gloss

  • Umbrella

  • Clothes

  • Water bottle

Spring/Summer Fun

This is the perfect time of year to replenish anything your kids might need for the summer months! Your kids might have outgrown last year's items and sometimes toys get left outside all winter and get damaged.

  • Bathing suit or beach towel

  • Goggles

  • Summer hat

  • Sunglasses

  • Sandals or flip flops

  • Sidewalk Chalk

  • Squirt guns or water toys

  • Outdoor toys: balls, foam airplane, sandbox toys, bubbles

  • Bike helmet or bike light

  • Garden gloves


Replenish or add to your stash of activity kits, either for rainy days or on the go. We LOVE question cards for older kids to use at the dinner table.

  • Books

  • Playdoh

  • Kinetic Sand

  • Activity books (sticker books, search and find, mazes)

  • Question cards


Not everything in the basket has to be for immediate use. If you don't have time or it's too hard to get a gift card, write them a little voucher or print out the business' logo.

  • Egg Reward Tokens: Stuff eggs with these and surprise your child with fun experiences

  • Vegetable or flower seeds: Involve your kids in planting your garden

  • Gift card for their favorite restaurant or ice cream parlor

  • Movie tickets, putt putt or bowling voucher, zoo passes

My advice to you is to just skip over the trinkets that your kids will lose interest in quickly and will add clutter to your home. The first step to keeping an organized home is to be conscious of what you bring into it. Make sure what you are gifting to your children are things you want to have in your home and you have a place to store them!

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