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Decluttering Tips Featuring on Redfin

Check out the recent Redfin article we were featured in: The Ultimate Room-By-Room Decluttering Checklist | Redfin

Creating a decluttering checklist is an excellent way to begin organizing your home and simplifying your life. Along with helping you take stock of your belongings, lists can help you stay on track and prioritize the areas that need attention. However, following your checklist can be difficult with so many distractions in everyday life. Luckily, we can help.

Whether you live in a Wilmington, NC, apartment or a Brentwood, CA, home, read on

for Redfin’s ultimate decluttering checklist, plus expert-backed tips to help you clear the clutter once and for all. You can find my tip under "Decluttering checklist for the living room" - I'm number 3!

Read the full article here: The Ultimate Room-By-Room Decluttering Checklist | Redfin


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