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Why Hire a Professional Organizer?

Many people watch an episode of Marie Kondo or The Home Edit, and think they can do the same thing by themselves and get the same result. That's similar to watching Fixer Upper and then expecting your entire home to look like Joanna Gaines designed it after you make a couple of trips to Target. Or watching The Biggest Loser and expecting to be able to follow those routines and get in shape.

The truth of the matter is those people are professionals in their trade, which is how they get such amazing results! If you want to have a beautifully designed home, you'd hire an interior designer. If you want to be in the best shape of your life, you'd hire a personal trainer or go to classes led by professionals.

The same goes for home organizing. I've had clients tell me that they tried to do it themselves and couldn't get it right and they got frustrated. Before you waste money on the wrong products, reach out to a professional organizer.

Reasons To Hire a Professional Organizer

1. We act as a neutral party

Organizing also includes purging. This can be a hard step for many people because it's hard to let go of things that hold memories. A professional organizer lacks the emotional connection that you have to items. We can help you rationally look at things and guide you in your decisions.

2. We save you time

Outsourcing organizing allows you to focus on the rest of your already busy life. An organizer can work in your home, while you are doing other important tasks. Oftentimes, we only need to work side by side with you for the purging process. After that, we can do our work while you go about your day! Sometimes, a job is just too big to tackle on your own, as well. An organizer can help you get through a daunting task with motivation!

3. We have expertise in the field

An organizer has a grasp on the products that are out there and can save you from buying a product that doesn't hold up well or that doesn't actually serve your needs. We also have a lot of knowledge about how spaces should flow and can help you see your room with fresh eyes, providing a solution that you might never have thought about.

4. We have practical skills in the area and it's our passion

For many, organization is just not in your wheelhouse, and that's ok! People have all different kids of skills and if organizing isn't one of them, you probably have a whole host of other skills! Some folks can also just be "clutter blind"! It can also feel very overwhelming to look at a project that you just don't know how to tackle. Calling on an organizer does not mean you're admitting defeat - you are actually taking a big step and relying on professional to help you in an area that you know you aren't skilled in. Professional organizers do their job because organizing makes them feel happy and fulfilled!

5. We can help you care for others

This one is huge. I've talked to many people who are caring for an aging or sick parent or relative who wouldn't or can't reach out to a professional organizer, but they desperately need help. Maybe it's time to downsize their home or move them into a care facility. There are many layers to caring for an aging or sick parent, and having a 3rd party come in to handle the sorting and purging can ease tensions in an already difficult situation.

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