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Put together your own childhood keepsake box to give you a central location to store all of the paperwork, artwork, certificates, awards, etc. that you child(ren) bring home from school! The bonus is when they are grown up and moving out, you can send them off with this box of their keepsakes from school years.


Tab inserts are printed on perforated cardstock so they are easy to insert. No need to cut them yourself!


***This is a DIY kit and DOES NOT include the file box or file folders.*** I will provide you the links to purchase those from other sources.


This DIY kit DOES INCLUDE: - permanent vinyl label ready for you to apply- 25 printed tab inserts printed on perforated cardstock with 5 blanks


Name decal with circle border measures approx. 5" x 5". Name decal with rectangle border measures approx. 6" wide.


**Make sure you type in the personalization field the name and font - indicate if you'd like a different font for first and middle names**


Your decal will look best if the color contrasts well to your folder color. For example, a red decal with red folders will be hard to read.

If you would like to order the completed file box with folders, you can do so here.

DIY Kit: Keepsake Box Label with Border and Folder Tab Inserts

Decal Color
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