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Clutter Free Stocking Stuffers

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Sometimes, stockings are the last thing on your Christmas to-do list and then you fall prey to putting random tchotchkes in your family's stockings. Oftentimes, these little toys and fillers lose their luster quickly and just add more clutter to your house. Below I've made a list, one for kids and one for adults, of intentional, usable gifts that can make a fun stocking, but that also just don't end up in the back of the toy storage or forgotten. Some of the links below are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase.


  • Toothbrush - Yes this may seem boring, but how often do you remember to change out your kid's toothbrushes. Plus there are some fun options out there! Here is one that flashes for one minute to encourage good brushing habits

  • Bath crayons or bath color drops - These will entertain your kids for a long time in the tub! Just make sure you plan to wipe down the tub when they are done. Here is a set that has both the crayons and the color drops. The color drops are super fun and won't stain your kids!

  • Fun body wash - Get a new scent or for older kids, try something from a specialty store, like Lush or Bath and Body Works.

  • Book Light - I prefer a battery-operated one, like this, so if it dies, you can just pop new batteries in instead of charging.

  • Winter hat or gloves - I don't know about you, but my kids are constantly losing hats and gloves at school. Carhartt hats are great quality and these large packs of gloves are awesome for kids who lose them easily. You can put one pair in their stocking and save the rest for when those go missing!

  • An orange - This is a traditional gift that has several meanings. Oranges used to be a real treat, when oranges weren't a staple in the grocery store, and were considered a luxury. Oranges also tie back to St. Nicholas (a real 4th century bishop), to represent the gold that he gave to a poor man's daughters.

  • Candy - Wrap up their favorite candy, or maybe something they don't get to have all the time. You can also check out local candy or chocolate shops for a fun treat. One of our local shops, Schakolad, has adorable Christmas chocolate pops.

  • Fun chap stick - My kids are always burning through chap stick this time of year so get them a fun flavor to try. Here is a fun smore's flavor set, or some come in an adorable package, like this soda flavored one.

  • Question cards - We love these Table Topic cards for meal time. My kids actually ask to do them. It's a great way to get conversation going and connect with your kids.

  • Small gift card or money - Kids love to spend their own money too and it helps them understand how much things are worth. Throw in a small gift card to a local ice cream shop or toy store.

  • Fun Juice Box - When my kids were smaller, I'd put in one of these Good2Grow juice boxes that I'd never buy normally because they are $2.50/each, but they make a fun stocking stuffer for toddlers!

  • Bookmarks - Once your kids start reading longer books, bookmarks are a great gift. My kids love these magnetic ones, plus they come in super cute designs.

  • Coupon for an activity - Print out or handwrite a coupon for an activity date, like mini golf, bowling, or ice skating.


Adults can have fun stocking stuffers too! And moms, send this list to your significant other. You should not be buying your own stocking stuffers! I've heard too many moms say their stocking is empty or they have to fill it themselves.

  • Gourmet chocolate - This is always top of my list! Bonus if it's from a local chocolate shop.

  • Lotto scratch offs - Buy a couple of the $1 scratch offs! The question is, do you split the prize money??

  • Mini alcohol bottles - These can be a fun way to try a new flavor.

  • Bath bombs - The ones from Lush are my favorite! Not a bath person, get shower steamers!

  • Travel size beauty products - Ulta and Sephora usually have travel sizes of many products by the register. This is a good way to try out a new product before you buy the large size. If you have a partner who travels a lot, get them some of their travel products!

  • Fun socks - If you have a spouse like mine, his work place is full of sarcasm. And he loves funny socks, so get some silly socks to give him a laugh.

  • Spices or nice olive oil - We actually have an olive oil store in town and they have some amazing oils and spices for the cook in your life.

  • Gift card - Car wash, gas, or local ice cream place are our favorites!

  • Body wash or shower pouf - I love this Method body wash. And like toothbrushes, we don't always remember to change out our shower poufs.

  • Makeup blenders - Another thing that should be replaced more often than we probably do. How cool is this one that biodegrades?

  • International snack from World Market - World Market has the most unique section of foods. These hazelnut wafers are insanely addicting!

  • Drawing from a child - Simple, but often the most loved. Have your children draw something on high quality paper.

  • Simmer pot - Yep, I've gotta plug my own product. :) Simmer on the stove in a pot of water and make your house smell so good!!

  • Flower or vegetable seeds - Get a start on next year's crop and get the gardener some seeds. My gardener friends tell me that Pinetree Garden Seeds have the best seeds.

  • Hand cream - This time of year is when your hands get so dry and cracked. Get a nice hand cream - this idea is for men and women! My husband's hands get so cracked in the winter and this one works well for him.

Let me know if you have some other ideas for clutter-free stocking stuffers! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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