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Allergy-Friendly Halloween Treats | Teal Pumpkin Project

You have probably heard of the Teal Pumpkin Project in recent years. The goal is to make trick or treating safe for the 1 in 13 kids that have food allergies. Adding an option of some allergy-friendly Halloween treats is an easy way to offer an inclusive treat. Keep the non-food items in a separate teal container, or at least labeled, to indicate that's they are allergy-friendly.

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You can find a carvable faux pumpkin and cut the top open to use to hold treats. You can also get a plastic bucket if you aren't feeling crafty. Make sure you indicate somehow that these are allergy-friendly goodies. Learn more about the Teal Pumpkin Project here. You may find that kids who don't have food allergies also love the non-candy treats! It's also more economical for you too because you can save any leftover non-food items for next year, unlike candy. There are lots of options to give out on Halloween, but this list includes items that will hopefully not add more clutter to homes! From a parent of young kids: please don't hand out slime or small trinkets that will just be lost in a corner and never played with.

Allergy-Friendly Halloween Treats For Younger Kids:

Mini Play-doh Containers:

Pumpkin Face Sticker Craft:

Halloween Bubble Wands:

Silly Straws:

Wiki Stix Mini Packs:

Allergy-Friendly Halloween Treats For Older Kids:

mini pokemon card pack

Mini Pokemon Packs:

Glow Sticks:

color a bookmark kit

Color a Bookmark Kit:

Scratch and Sniff Bookmarks:

Crocs Charms (Jibbetz):

Lip Gloss:

Mini Keychain Flashlights:

Mini Tic Tac Toe Game:

Temporary Tattoos:

What will you hand out on Halloween?

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